Mr. Anthony's Barber Salon is located at the corner of Algonquin and Lee Street and has been there since 1974. Anthony Drago, however, has been cutting hair for over 40 years and still maintains the best old fashioned barber shop on this planet!

Don't believe it? Go there for yourself and find out what an old fashioned barber shop is really all about!

  • Haircuts
  • Beard Trims
  • Children's Haircuts
  • Good Stories
  • Straight Razor Neck Trims
  • Regulars
  • Hot Coffee
  • Military Haircuts
  • Hot Shaving Cream
  • Your #1 Old Fashioned Barber Shop!

Want to see more on this site? Stop in to see Mr. Anthony - submit jokes, photos, or anything else you can think of to make this site more fun!

Old fashioned barber shops are rare! The stories we all hear at Mr. Anthony's will last a lifetime!

Crazy haircut area! We're looking for submissions on the craziest haircut (trust us - we've seen some) that we can find.

Talk to Mr. Anthony and bring a picture for your submission.